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01608 642350
Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm, Sat 10am - 2pm
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These pages are designed to help give visiting companies the technical information they need. If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact us, telephone: 01608 649125, fax: 01608 642324 or you can email

Theatre Access
The Theatre has two entrances, one on Spring Street and one on Goddard's Lane. The normal entrance for cast and crew should be on Goddard's Lane, where the daytime box office is situated. Outside office hours please ring the doorbell. Get in access, however, is on Spring Street, where parking is on double yellow lines. The route in includes several steps and a twisty route through the foyer and auditorium.

The theatre has no parking facilities. Most on street parking in Chipping Norton is free but time limited, however, there are two car parks for longer stays. Unloading on Spring Street is usually all right, but vehicles must be moved afterwards.

Green Room
The green room contains a fridge, microwave, tea and coffee making facilities, sink and sofas.

Dressing Rooms
There are three dressing rooms, all with sinks and well-lit make up mirrors. Dressing room 1 (3 person) is down stairs near the stage and green room. Dressing rooms 2 and 3 (5 person and 6 person) are upstairs.

There is one shower by dressing room 1.

Rehearsal Room
If you would like the use of our rehearsal room please contact the Stage Manager, preferably well ahead of time.

The Theatre has a washing machine, tumble drier, iron and ironing board, which may be used by visiting companies for costumes.

Mobile Phones
Reception can be poor in Chipping Norton, especially on O2 and T Mobile, however incoming calls can be received in the Green Room on 01608 649113.

All areas of the theatre are no smoking, however there is a garden area where smoking is permitted.

Local Accommodation
See digs list.  Please call individual premises for specific access details.  For further details and photos visit

Hire of Equipment
We can also offer some our equipment out for hire, click here for a price list and terms and conditions.

Proscenium arch. Stage 1.25m high - stalls flat, balcony raked
Performing area 7.54m (width) x 8.05m (depth) - pros opening 5.45m x 3.36m
No rake - floor hardboard painted black, suitable for dance, dance floor available on request.
Crossover from SR to SL, stage heated.
Height to grid 5.3m, 15 hemp lines, 5 winched bars. Ceiling slopes to 3.62m at rear of stage. 

The Stage

Click here to download plans and section

Stage 1 - all bars

Stage 2 - lx bars

Stage 3 - side elevation

Stage 4 - dimensions

Stage ground plan

Alternative layout using removable banks 





Lighting Equipment


6 Lee Club 650W Zoom profiles - with irises and M size gobo holders

6 ADB 650W A59Z - M size Gobo

6 Source 4 Junior Zooms 25/50

6 source 4 750w 15º-30º zoom profiles with 6 B size gobo holders and 3 Iris (fixed on FOH bar 2)

2 Acclaim Axial Profile 24/ 44 – 600W (Subject to Availability)

2 Acclaim Zoomspots 18/34



1 ETC Express 125 desk with monitor

1 Zero 88 24/48 Jester desk

1 Zero 88 12/24 Jester desk (Subject to Availability)

72 ADB Eurorack 60 3kw dimmers 


Fresnels and PCs

6 Selecon Acclaim 650w Fresnels

6 Selecon Acclaim 650w PC’s

8 ADB 650W A56 PC's

6 ADB 650W A57 Fresnels

4 Lee Club 650W Fresnels

10 Quartet Fresnels 650W (Subject to Availability

1 Strand Prelude – 650W (Subject to Availability)

9 CCT Minuette Fresnel 650W (Subject to Availability)

1 CCT Minuette PC 650W(Subject to Availability)



14 500W floods

22 PARcans (mainly 62s)

2 Source 4 Pars

10 Birdies (mains voltage)

6 Showtec Trackpod 80 LED battons

4 Showtec Sunstrip II Stageblinder

1 Birdie batten

1 Cadenza 2k Profile (for use as followspot)

2 400w UV Floods



5 Stage IWBs (8 circuits each, 2 US bars paired)

7 Ground circuits (1 paired with socket under stage)

2 IWBs over auditorium (26 circuits)

1 Bar below control room (4 circuits)

2 short bars at right angles to proscenium arch

2 perch positions at balcony corners (1 circuit each)

1 circuit in control room



1 Antari Ice Series low fog machine DMX

1 JEM ZR12-AL Smoke Machine

1 Le Maitre speed fogger

1 Antari Z300 haze machine

1 Silverline Superstrobe strobe light


Sound Equipment

Bose Panaray 502 System (Central Cluster)

4 EV ZX1-90 Speakers (2 Subject to Availability)

2 EV SB122 Subwoofers

2 Tannoy T12’s

3 Martin Audio Blackline F15 speakers

4 JBL Control 28 (Subject to Availability)

2 Sherman Audio 150w speakers

Allen & heath ZED420 mixer

Yamaha MG12/4CX

Yamaha MG12/4C

5 QSC MX1000a

QSC RMX 850 (Subject to Availability

QSC RMX 1450 (Subject to Availability)

AKG 6 piece Drum Mic Set

2 AKG C1000s

3 Shure SM58’s

3 EV N/D478 microphones

2 EV N/D267a microphones

2 AKG D320 microphones

1 AKG D321 microphone

1 Shure SM63 microphone

1 AKG D1200 microphone

1 AKG D3900

1 Audio Technica M201N Handheld Radio Microphone with receiver.

4 Trantec S4.4 Radio Microphones with lapels

1 Audio Technica ATW-T202

2 Canford Audio active DI boxes

1 stereo EMO DI box (passive)

2 Behringer D120 DI boxes



8 Tall Boom Microphone Stands

2 Short Boom Microphone Stands

1 DBX 231s Graphic Equaliser

1 TC Electronic M350 Effects Unit

1 Denon DMD 1000 mini disc

1 Tascam MD-350 minidisc (with auto pause)

1 Numark double CD player

1 JVC twin cassette deck

Induction loop

AV facilities panels round stage and auditorium

Multiway sockets in prompt corner; rear of stalls; rear of balcony and projection room



2 circuit, show relay and communications, to dressing rooms,projection room and bar (techpro)

4 single muff headsets and beltpacks (techpro) 



Green velour house tabs and border

Black wool serge borders

Black wool serge legs

1 black wool serge flat tab 22' wide

2 pairs black wool serge gathered tabs

Black Hard Masking – Various Sizes